Unlock the potential of your financial planning and analysis with AIS Consulting’s partnership and CCH Tagetik FP&A software. Empower your FP&A analysts with cutting-edge AIS Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting tools. Make data-driven decisions, drive growth, and secure your future in the world of Financial Planning and Analysis. Embrace the future of FP&A with us today.

Embrace Digital Finance: Unlock Your Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Processes Today!

Supercharge your financial insights with FP&A software for a future of growth and success.
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Elevate Your Strategies with AIS Consulting: Harness Financial Planning and Analysis Excellence through CCH Tagetik.

Experience the power of dynamic financial planning and analysis with AIS Consulting’s partnership and CCH Tagetik. Unleash your team’s potential to make informed decisions, drive growth, and stay steps ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape. Embrace the future of Financial Planning and Analysis with FP&A software today.

CCH Tagetik: A Top Financial Planning and Analysis and Fast Close/Consolidation Leader, as Confirmed by Analysts.

CCH Tagetik is a digital finance platform with in built capabilities for strategic, financial and operational planning and reporting.

Implement Digital Finance strategies through FP&A software with AIS Consulting and improve “Data IQ” within your Finance team.

Unlock Confident Future Predictions with CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence:

Elevate your financial performance with agility and real-time insights using FP&A software, powered by CCH Tagetik. Experience the seamless potential of CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence, offering explainable predictions and actionable insights for swift, informed decisions. Empower your journey towards success today.

  • Get real-time visibility with intuitive dashboards
  • Planning for every industry and all departments
  • Plan any way using unlimited dimensions and any time horizon
  • Know your cash position with direct cash flow planning
  • Produce accurate rolling and predictive forecasts
  • Speed up planning with built-in predictive intelligence
  • Get granular using detailed driver-based planning
  • Fine-tune costs with a powerful allocation engine
  • Be process-driven with our workflow and audit logs
  • Produce real-time what-if analysis and simulations
Unlock the Future with Smart Finance: Transform Your Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Today!
Boost your financial prowess with FP&A software, a gateway to a thriving and prosperous future.

Supercharge Your Strategies with AIS Consulting: Master Financial Planning and Analysis with CCH Tagetik.

Experience the dynamic world of financial planning and analysis through AIS Consulting’s collaboration with CCH Tagetik. Unleash your team’s ability to make well-informed choices, drive growth, and stay ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape.

Embrace the future of Financial Planning and Analysis with FP&A software now.

Satisfied CCH Tagetik Customers.

EVAPCO is a global manufacturer of heat transfer solutions. EVAPCO operate 30 different companies around the world and trade in 12 different currencies.

With CCH Tagetik, now EVAPCO has an integrated solution that allows them to have more consistent information.

Driving change: The digital transformation story of Stella International

Discover how Stella International leveraged the CCH® Tagetik tool for their digital transformation, streamlining operations and unlocking data-driven insights.

Employee planning in professional services.

Estimate a practice group’s profitability by determining resource-related expenses and allocating employee activities. Plan for fee income, expense, and salaries using granular professional services drivers, like billing rates for service type or hours billed to client projects.