From a legacy consolidation and close process to CCH Tagetik.

Are you striving for more efficient, transparent, and controlled financial processes? Our exclusive White Paper reveals how CCH Tagetik, an end-to-end solution, can address your consolidation needs, profitability analysis, and regulatory requirements all at once. Learn how industry leaders are utilising this platform to drive exceptional results. Download now to unlock your software investment’s full potential and boost productivity in your financial consolidation and reporting.

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    Customers who harness the power of AIS tools to elevate their efficiency to new heights.

    Instantly Increase ROI on your software investment and increase Productivity.

    “Replaced 6 month budget cycle with 3 week quarterly rolling forecasts”

    Global Pharmaceutical Company

    “Better commercial insight across the business providing one version of the truth”

    UK Food Manufacturer Company

    “Enabled us to streamline and consolidate our business processes”


    Central Government

    “Enhanced consolidation and reporting enabled a leaner head office function”

    Global Services Company

    “Improved forecast accuracy to 98%”

    Global Food & Beverages Company

    “2 day consolidation process, finance packs reported in 8 days”


    Global Engineering Company

    Transitioning from Conventional Financial Management.

    Step into the future by advancing your legacy consolidation process. Opt for an end-to-end solution designed to automate closures and expedite decision-making. Unlock the potential of streamlined financial operations with our guidance.

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    The Best-Kept Secret to Driving Your Productivity During The Close and Consolidation Process.

    Are you looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity and maximise return on your software investment? Discover the best-kept secret that leading companies use to achieve outstanding results. Download our exclusive White Paper to uncover the power of automation in Financial Consolidation and Reporting.

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    Uncover Legacy System Pitfalls: Discover how traditional consolidation methods could be draining your resources.

    Leverage Automation: Learn how automated, end-to-end strategies can enhance your financial operations.

    Are outdated consolidation processes holding your business back? Our exclusive White Paper reveals the hidden costs of legacy systems and the transformative power of automation. Understand why leading companies are choosing to upgrade, and how you can do the same. Download now to unlock your finance team’s full potential and capitalise on your software investment.

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    Establishing an Automation-Driven End-to-End Framework.

    Lay the groundwork for automation with the CCH Tagetik platform. This comprehensive foundation for financial management eliminates the need for distinct software for each closing component. By automating tasks such as account reconciliation, local close, group close, reporting, disclosure, and iXBRL, the platform streamlines your processes seamlessly.

    The trusted partner in finance transformations for leading organisations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This White Paper is dedicated to illuminating the process of moving away from traditional methods of financial management towards a more advanced and automated approach. It emphasises adopting an end-to-end solution that automates the closure of financial processes and accelerates the decision-making process. The paper aims to guide businesses through this transition, highlighting the benefits and potential outcomes.

    By adopting automation, you can streamline manual tasks, increase collaboration, and improve control, allowing your highly skilled finance team to focus on value-adding activities. This ultimately boosts productivity and maximises your return on investment.

    Transitioning from Conventional Financial Management holds significant importance for your business due to the following reasons:

    Efficiency: Traditional financial management processes often involve manual tasks and inefficiencies. Embracing an automated approach can streamline operations, reduce errors, and save time and resources.

    Timely Decision-Making: Automated processes enable faster data consolidation and analysis, facilitating quicker and well-informed decision-making, which is crucial in a fast-paced business environment.

    Accuracy and Reliability: Manual processes are prone to human errors, potentially leading to inaccurate financial data. Transitioning to automated solutions enhances data accuracy and the reliability of financial reporting.

    Resource Optimisation: Automation frees up valuable human resources from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added activities that can drive business growth.

    Adaptability: Conventional methods might struggle to cope with changes in regulations, market dynamics, and business needs. Transitioning to a more advanced system ensures your business can adapt swiftly and maintain compliance.

    Competitive Edge: Businesses that embrace technological advancements often gain a competitive advantage. Transitioning to an automated financial management approach can position your business as forward-thinking and agile.

    Future Preparedness: As the business landscape evolves, automation becomes increasingly essential. Transitioning now prepares your business for future challenges and opportunities.

    To access the White Paper and gain valuable insights into driving productivity through automation, simply download it from our website. Sign up today and unlock your potential with AIS Consulting.

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    © 2023 AIS Consulting UK Ltd, a registered company no: 04285526.