Uncover Legacy System Pitfalls: Discover how traditional consolidation methods could be draining your resources.

Leverage Automation: Learn how automated, end-to-end strategies can enhance your financial operations.

Are outdated consolidation processes holding your business back? Our exclusive White Paper reveals the hidden costs of legacy systems and the transformative power of automation. Understand why leading companies are choosing to upgrade, and how you can do the same. Download now to unlock your finance team’s full potential and capitalise on your software investment.

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    Customers who harness the power of AIS tools to elevate their efficiency to new heights.

    Instantly Increase ROI on your software investment and increase Productivity.

    “Replaced 6 month budget cycle with 3 week quarterly rolling forecasts”

    Global Pharmaceutical Company

    “Better commercial insight across the business providing one version of the truth”

    UK Food Manufacturer Company

    “Enabled us to streamline and consolidate our business processes”


    Central Government

    “Enhanced consolidation and reporting enabled a leaner head office function”

    Global Services Company

    “Improved forecast accuracy to 98%”

    Global Food & Beverages Company

    “2 day consolidation process, finance packs reported in 8 days”


    Global Engineering Company

    Discover the untapped potential of redefining your consolidation strategy and how it can significantly benefit your business.

    While consolidation might seem like a process that has always been in place, taking a closer look at its optimisation could lead to remarkable improvements. Don’t miss out on understanding the advantages – download our white paper today.

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    From a legacy consolidation and close process to CCH Tagetik.

    Harness the Power of Integration: Discover the advantages of a single, unified platform for all your financial operations.

    Are you striving for more efficient, transparent, and controlled financial processes? Our exclusive White Paper reveals how CCH Tagetik, an end-to-end solution, can address your consolidation needs, profitability analysis, and regulatory requirements all at once. Learn how industry leaders are utilising this platform to drive exceptional results. Download now to unlock your software investment’s full potential and boost productivity in your financial consolidation and reporting.

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    Unlock Your Potential with AIS Consulting

    The Best-Kept Secret to Driving Your Productivity During The Close and Consolidation Process.

    Are you looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity and maximise return on your software investment? Discover the best-kept secret that leading companies use to achieve outstanding results. Download our exclusive White Paper to uncover the power of automation in Financial Consolidation and Reporting.

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    Recognising Signs of a Costly Consolidation Process.

    Improve collaboration throughout your finance team, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall efficiency. Experience better results with enhanced teamwork.

    To uncover how automation can revolutionise your manual tasks, increase collaboration, and provide better control, download our White Paper now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The White Paper delves into the power of automation within Financial Consolidation and Reporting, uncovering the secrets to driving productivity and achieving high-value paybacks.

    By adopting automation, you can streamline manual tasks, increase collaboration, and improve control, allowing your highly skilled finance team to focus on value-adding activities. This ultimately boosts productivity and maximises your return on investment.

    Our White Paper reveals essential principles that can transform your consolidation process. These include adopting the “single platform approach” to accelerate the close, seamlessly automating data flow across multiple ERPs and sources, implementing system controls and validations for time-saving and confidence-building, and fostering collaboration within your finance team.

    Automated consolidation and close serve as the foundation for the digital transformation of your finance department. This often-overlooked process affects reporting, analytics, planning, and decision-making. By automating it, you create a solid base for evolving finance into a data-driven business partner, achieving high-value paybacks throughout your organisation.

    Automating your financial consolidation process provides numerous benefits. It saves time by reducing manual tasks, improves accuracy through system controls and validations, fosters collaboration and efficiency within your finance team, and allows you to focus on strategic decision-making activities that drive business growth.

    To access the White Paper and gain valuable insights into driving productivity through automation, simply download it from our website. Sign up today and unlock your potential with AIS Consulting.

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    © 2023 AIS Consulting UK Ltd, a registered company no: 04285526.