EY Webinar: Looking Back to predict the Future – transforming Financial Consolidation

EY and CCH Tagetik joined forces once more to discuss why legacy Consolidation solutions need to be replaced, what finance needs today… and tomorrow.

Watch the recording of our webinar with EY as we discussed consolidation systems that belong in the past, finance’s present needs and how future-proofing is now crucial.

Speakers for the session – Katie Burns, Partner and Head of Finance Transformation at EY Ireland – and – Patrick Nicholas, Sales Director for CCH Tagetik in the UK and Ireland – also covered:

  • What is driving change in Finance – results from EY’s ‘DNA of the CFO’ survey
  • Six transformational themes – including Do moreDo better and Do it for less
  • Choosing the right Consolidation solution – considerations and what to look for

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