Unlock the potential of your cash flow forecasting & cash flow analysis with AIS Consulting and CCH Tagetik’s Cash Flow Planning & Analysis. Our software empowers you to optimise short-term cash requirements, conduct simulations, and perform what-if analysis, all with immediate visibility on your financial statements. With integrated planning solutions and financial KPI targets, you can enhance your cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L statement preparations. Take control of your financial risk, improve liquidity, and maximise stakeholder value with CCH Tagetik.

Mastery of Cash Flow Forecasting – The Foundation for Robust Organisations.

Elevate Your Cash Flow Forecasting Journey.

Amidst Unpredictable Landscapes, Fortify Your Strategy with Vigorous, Agile, and Trustworthy Cash Flow Forecasting Models and Predictions. However, Navigating the Terrain of Resource Allocation, IT Infrastructure, Project Management Proficiency, and System Process Implementation Expertise for a Transformation Initiative can be Intimidating. Elevate Your Company’s Tenacity by:

Your Ally for Revolutionising the Finance Office.

For a Finance Office that not only weathers challenging times but emerges stronger and more vibrant, embracing a resilient cash flow forecasting system and process is imperative. Dynamic business landscapes necessitate accelerated decision-making, heightened reporting clarity, and enhanced command over inflows and outflows. Venturing solo into a cash flow forecasting transformation endeavour can yield less-than-optimal outcomes due to the intricate nature of software and process design and implementation.

Thinking about improving your cash flow forecasting & cash flow analysis?

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Enhance working capital efficiency and mitigate risk using CCH Tagetik Cash Flow Analysis. Monitor cash inflows and outflows for optimised liquidity while gaining real-time insights into your net financial position.
  • Visualise real-time cash positions through dashboards.
  • Create multiple cash flow plans based on line of credit.
  • Conduct “what-if” analyses by varying financial policies.
  • Generate driver-based direct cash flow projections.
  • Compare real-time and historical data using deviation analysis.
Prepare for growth and worst-case scenarios with CCH Tagetik Cash Flow Planning, ensuring you’re well-prepared for short, medium, and long-term cash requirements.
  • Customise cash flow drivers by dimensions like Business Units.
  • Test various scenarios with different collection terms.
  • Easily define models for calculating DSO, DP0, and payment terms.
  • Determine net financial position using prepacked calculations.
  • Create cash flow forecasts with double-entry accounting capabilities.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Business with CCH Tagetik Cash Flow Forecasting and Cash Flow Analysis.

Unlock the full potential of your business with CCH Tagetik’s Cash Flow Planning and Cash Flow Analysis. Gain comprehensive insights into your cash management through detailed analysis, determine short-term and long-term financial requirements, and leverage powerful simulations to stay in control of your finances. Make informed decisions and optimise your cash flow for sustainable growth and success.

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Thanks to CCH Tagetik, we have halved the time required to create our budget, income statement and balance sheet forecasts and our cash flow forecasts.

Chief Financial Officer at Arrow Génériques

Our vision is that even during the presentation of the figures, changes can be incorporated into the planning and that these flow into the cash flow forecasting and cash flow analysis statement via the income statement and the balance sheet. CCH Tagetik ensures that this vision can become reality.

Head of Department Performance & Risk Management at ECE.

CCH Tagetik gives our businesses the ability to more efficiently manage and optimise cash flow. Weekly cash flow payment proposals give business owners detailed insights into current cash positions based on key cash position drivers, along with accurate cash out forecasts.

CIO at Losch Luxembourg.

Empower Your Strategy with Robust Cash Flow Forecasting.

In these uncertain times, bolster your strategy with resilient, agile, and dependable cash flow forecasting models and predictions. Yet, the path to success in transformation initiatives, involving resource allocation, IT infrastructure, project management proficiency, and system process implementation expertise, can be daunting. Elevate your company’s resilience by gaining:

The story behind

“As the complexity of the INTO Group continued to increase, we knew that a solution was needed for consolidation, reporting and planning in one unified platform that could also be used to provide better scenario planning and quicker reporting. We are pleased to have started this journey with CCH Tagetik and are confident that this was the right choice both for the challenges we were looking to solve but also as a partner to help us in other areas as needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these frequently asked questions to gain a deeper understanding of how CCH Tagetik’s robust software simplifies financial close and consolidation processes. From defining financial close to deciphering consolidated financial statements, we provide insights into how our solution streamlines complex tasks, ensures compliance, and delivers advanced consolidation intelligence. Discover how CCH Tagetik empowers your organisation to manage financial data efficiently and make informed decisions.

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What is cash flow?

Cash flow, also known as net cash flow, is the process of monitoring the inflow and outflow of cash during a specific period, and it plays a critical role in assessing a business’s financial health. CCH Tagetik Software offers powerful tools for cash flow management, enabling organisations to gain real-time visibility into their cash flow dynamics. With CCH Tagetik, businesses can monitor cash flows from various sources, including operations, financing, and investments, and easily identify areas where improvements can be made. By leveraging CCH Tagetik’s comprehensive financial platform, organisations can streamline their cash flow analysis and reporting processes, ensuring they have the necessary liquidity to meet financial obligations and seize growth opportunities.

What is cash flow analysis?

Cash flow analysis involves a thorough examination of a company’s cash flow, encompassing both cash inflows and outflows over a specific timeframe. With CCH Tagetik’s advanced analytical capabilities, businesses can conduct in-depth cash flow analyses, comparing cash balances at the beginning and end of a given period. CCH Tagetik’s software empowers finance teams to perform detailed cash flow modelling and forecasting, helping them identify potential bottlenecks and optimise cash management strategies. By utilising CCH Tagetik’s integrated financial platform, organisations can ensure that all expenditures are accurately accounted for and that their available cash remains truly free for essential operations and investments.

What is a cash flow forecast?

A cash flow forecasting and cash flow analysis, made seamless with CCH Tagetik Software, is a forward-looking plan that predicts an organisations expected cash inflows and outflows over a defined future period. CCH Tagetik leverages historical data and integrates it with real-time financial information to create accurate cash flow forecasts. These forecasts provide organisations with a precise understanding of their future liquidity, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan for various scenarios. With CCH Tagetik’s intuitive forecasting capabilities, businesses can simulate different situations, such as market fluctuations, promotions, or changes in sales, to predict periods of high or low liquidity. This foresight allows organisations to proactively manage their cash resources, ensuring they are well-prepared for any financial challenges that may arise.

Why are cash flow forecasts important to a business?

Cash flow forecasts, enhanced by CCH Tagetik, are essential tools for businesses, helping them gauge their short-term and long-term financial viability. By using CCH Tagetik’s forecasting capabilities, organisations can assess their working capital requirements, evaluate their ability to meet financial obligations, and determine when they may need additional cash reserves. CCH Tagetik’s scenario modelling and analysis enable businesses to proactively respond to changing market conditions and make strategic decisions. With CCH Tagetik, organisations can identify potential surpluses or shortages in cash, allowing them to develop strategies to address these situations effectively. Ultimately, cash flow forecasting with CCH Tagetik helps businesses avoid financial instability, ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive.

What is cash flow planning?

Cash flow planning, facilitated by CCH Tagetik Software, involves the strategic management of cash inflows and outflows over a specified time frame. CCH Tagetik’s integrated platform empowers organisations to create comprehensive cash flow plans by identifying major expenditures and planned investments. With CCH Tagetik, businesses can optimise their spending, monitor cash availability during critical periods, gain insights into profit margins, plan for growth, and develop accurate budgets. By centralising cash flow planning within CCH Tagetik’s platform, organisations can enhance their financial decision-making processes and ensure they are well-prepared to navigate both challenges and opportunities.

What is financial statement analysis?

Financial statement analysis is a crucial process for evaluating a company’s financial position and future prospects, and CCH Tagetik Software simplifies this task. With CCH Tagetik’s robust financial platform, organisations can analyse their financial statements, including the balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and equity/earnings statement. The software offers a range of analytical techniques, such as fundamental analysis, DuPont analysis, horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and financial ratio analysis. These tools empower analysts, investors, and executives to assess their organisations financial health and make well-informed business and investment decisions. CCH Tagetik’s seamless integration with financial data ensures that businesses have accurate and up-to-date information for their analyses.

What is credit analysis?

Credit analysis is crucial for determining an organisations creditworthiness, and CCH Tagetik Software can aid in this process. CCH Tagetik provides advanced tools for ratio and trend analysis, cash flow forecasting, cash flow analysis, cash flow analysis, and predictive modelling, assisting banks and financial institutions in evaluating a company’s ability to meet its financial obligations. By leveraging CCH Tagetik’s comprehensive credit analysis capabilities, banks can assess the creditworthiness of corporate borrowers, considering factors like cash flow and debt service coverage ratios. The software also enables organisations to track key performance indicators (KPIs) at the customer, company, and consolidated levels, ensuring a thorough assessment of credit risk. CCH Tagetik’s analytical tools and integrated data sources help banks make informed lending decisions and manage credit portfolios effectively.

Satisfied CCH Tagetik Customers.

EVAPCO is a global manufacturer of heat transfer solutions. EVAPCO operate 30 different companies around the world and trade in 12 different currencies.

With CCH Tagetik, now EVAPCO has an integrated solution that allows them to have more consistent information.

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Discover how Stella International leveraged the CCH® Tagetik tool for their digital transformation, streamlining operations and unlocking data-driven insights.

Employee planning in professional services.

Estimate a practice group’s profitability by determining resource related expenses and allocating employee activities. Plan for fee income, expense, and salaries using granular professional services drivers, like billing rates for service type or hours billed to client projects.