Elevate your finance project with AIS Consulting‘s Business Finance Consulting Workshop. Our meticulous three-step process, including a pre-project questionnaire, in-person engagement, and a tailored project blueprint takeaway, ensures that your financial objectives align seamlessly with your business aspirations. Our expert financial advisory services guide you towards success.

Unlocking Profits and Strategic Advantages with AIS Consulting: Your Path to Financial Success!

Harnessing two decades of unparalleled experience, AIS Consulting has distilled the essence of success into a potent blend of best practices and a battle-tested implementation framework, custom-tailored for your Finance Project. Our consulting prowess is built upon eight robust pillars:

Elevate Your Expectations for Our Consulting Workshop.

At AIS Consulting, we treasure your time, and our consulting workshops are meticulously crafted to catapult your Finance project toward triumph. We believe that investing time upfront paves the way for the swift realisation of your financial project, aligning it perfectly with your business aspirations.

Our consulting journey is a seamless three-step process:

  1. Pre-Project Questionnaire: We offer the option for you to complete it independently or extend our expert assistance.
  2. In-Person Engagement: We come together for a dynamic, hands-on workshop to delve into your objectives and scrutinise your existing systems, identifying opportunities for enhancement.
  3. Project Blueprint Takeaway: You’ll depart with a meticulously tailored project blueprint that guarantees the resounding success of your finance project.

Why Opt for AIS Consulting

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Set Out on the Right Foot

“The CPM analyser is a strategic framework that helped us work out the best way forward to improve our finance processes -a useful tool before embarking on any projects, James Downey, Northern Rail Head of Financial Planning.

Our consulting journey is a seamless three-step process that is designed to provide you with the utmost value and expertise.

Our commitment to excellence, expertise, and a client-centric approach makes AIS Consulting your ideal partner in navigating the intricate landscape of finance projects. With our consulting workshops, you’ll not only save time but also unlock the full potential of your financial initiatives. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us today to discuss how our workshops can empower your finance project to thrive and achieve exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions

This white paper is a comprehensive guide that delves into the transformative potential of automation in the realm of Financial Consolidation and Reporting. It offers insights and strategies for organisations seeking to enhance their team’s productivity and optimise the returns on their software investments.

In this document, we uncover the best-kept secret utilised by leading companies to attain outstanding results in financial consolidation and reporting. Through detailed analysis and real-world examples, we illustrate how automation can revolutionise these critical processes, streamlining operations, reducing errors, and saving valuable time and resources.

Key highlights of this white paper include:

Understanding the Power of Automation: We elucidate the concept of automation and why it has become indispensable for modern businesses. Learn how it can fundamentally change the way you approach financial consolidation and reporting.

Efficiency Gains: Discover how automation can significantly boost your team’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks, thereby allowing your staff to focus on more value-added activities.

Accuracy and Compliance: Learn how automation can drastically reduce errors in financial reporting, ensuring your organisation’s compliance with regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of financial discrepancies.

Cost Savings: Explore the cost-saving potential of automation in terms of reduced labor costs, improved resource allocation, and the elimination of costly manual errors.

Real-world Success Stories: Dive into case studies and success stories from leading companies that have harnessed the power of automation to achieve remarkable results in financial consolidation and reporting.

Getting Started: Find practical tips and actionable steps to initiate your automation journey, from selecting the right software solutions to implementing them effectively within your organisation.

By downloading this exclusive white paper, you will gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of automation in financial consolidation and reporting. Take the first step towards achieving outstanding results for your organisation by uncovering the secrets that leading companies have successfully employed to maximise their software investments and productivity.

We focus on best practices in Planning and Reporting and carry out an AS IS / TO BE analysis.

Planning covers strategic, financial and operational plans and a key focus is how we can integrate these different plans across your organisation to bring better consistency and integrity with any plan numbers or commentary. Planning is a blanket term including strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and business simulations.

Reporting covers operational performance, management and statutory reporting across the group. We explore options for better business intelligence reporting, predictive analytics and scorecard visualisations.

The concepts we cover are based on the adoption of generally accepted best practices and in helping you move towards integrated business planning and reporting processes.

There is no fee. You will get over GBP 5,000 in free consulting from AIS for us to go through this process with you. And the tools and materials you receive have a significantly higher value attached were you to go through a big 4 firm on a similar exercise. If you are looking to run a project to improve finance then this is an easy decision – you get a significant armoury of insight and value for the time you put in.

We normally schedule a 2 hour web meeting (or face to face meeting). This is normally sufficient for you to get a big picture view and for us to get enough information to compile your business case report. We are flexible though. So if you need more detail or a focus on s specific areas then we can have a separate session to accommodate this.

Anyone from the office of finance who is charged with looking at improvements or finance process owners in the areas that you are looking to improve. IT or systems team members will also find this useful.

We will look at finance operations from the eight perspectives mentioned above so you get real insights into how you can improve existing processes. You will take valuable insights, action point to implement straight away and a business case for implementing improvements to share with your colleagues.

Yes. You need to complete the pre-implementation questionnaire. This normally takes about 30 minutes and we can schedule a call to do this with you or to review ahead of the workshop.

Why do we have a pre-implementation questionnaire to complete? It saves time and helps us focus on the right areas in the workshop.