Explore the potential of SAP HANA Finance with AIS Consulting’s evaluation services. Discover how our expertise and CCH Tagetik software can enhance your financial operations, streamline processes, and prepare your organisation for a data-driven future.

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This evaluation encompasses the eight critical aspects of business finance, making it particularly valuable for Financial Directors, Financial Controllers, and Finance Managers. However, we also assess how SAP IT supports these finance pillars, providing insight for SAP Finance Managers and IT Directors to identify areas of strength and improvement with CCH Tagetik.

What You’ll Receive.

Following the evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive presentation report outlining the potential benefits of CCH Tagetik for your organisation and how it can address your specific needs.

What Does the Evaluation Include?

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Satriun with Fugro has delivered a financial data model that integrates the financial statements sections of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement both for single company statements and for the consolidated group.

The data model is set up as a single source of truth while meeting both management- and IFRS reporting requirements. A comprehensive breakdown of balance sheet flows ensures IFRS disclosure needs and acts as the engine for the cash flow statement.

Relevant flow sections are linked automatically to the corresponding accounts such as those in the income statement, while other flows that cannot be automated are subject to a set of blocking controls to ensure completeness and correctness of the data reported.

Supplementary and non-financial data including FTE data, trade debtor ageing, order book data, IFRS15 disclosures, and sustainability data is requested for management and IFRS disclosure purposes.

Relevant KPI’s including a days sales outstanding (DSO) formula using the absorption method of calculation were also included in the CCH® Tagetik solution.”

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